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LOS ANGELES February 17

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Todd Royce

Fans of the popular Kill Tony podcast may recognize Todd Royce as the 4th comic ever to be given a Golden Ticket by host Tony Hinchcliffe. 


Many will recognize Todd Royce as the "What's That" guy from social media.

Most will recognize Todd Royce as the guy who could stand to lose a few (dozen) pounds.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Todd now lives in Las Vegas, NV performing at clubs on the Strip as well as creating content for his popular YouTube and TikTok channels. 

Royce is also currently touring the United States using his self-deprecating humor to discuss his body image issues, 15 year marriage and life as a middle aged man.

Some people have said that Todd Royce is the funniest comic in the entire world and those people would be Todd’s Mom.



Nabeel "The Extremist"


Nabeel The Extremist is an extremely emotional (and extremely hilarious) Palestinian comedian who immigrated from Jerusalem to a small town in the Missouri Ozarks when he was just 17 years old. He brought with him a big appetite for American comfort food, beautiful American women, and the American Dream he heard so much about when he was a child.

You may recognize Nabeel from the blockbuster movie “The Kingdom” with Jamie Fox and Jennifer Garner or from his major role in “Born a Champion” starring Dennis Quaid. He has also appeared on the small screen in numerous series including "The Brave" on NBC and the long-running CBS show “JAG.” He even appeared as a male model in print ads for a popular tampon brand (is this a great country or what?)

Nabeel the Extremist is a fun-loving, no-nonsense kind of guy who audiences love. And he loves making them laugh…all while pursuing his piece of the American Dream.

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